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Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader
Entertaining, Energetic & Fun

Keynote Speaker

"Three things happen to you when you hear Chris Fesko speak: You learn, you laugh, and she makes you think."  W. Greiner, Maine

Chris speaks at national and international conferences, makes television appearances, and conducts workshops and radio interviews. If you need a Keynote Speaker to fire-up your educational or promotional audience, Chris' contagious energy and enthusiasm can do that for you! Please select this link to learn more about Chris' suggested speech titles. Chris Fesko

Adaptation is a trademark of Chris' speeches, turning years of lifetime experience into entertaining and educational fun! Follow this link for more information about Chris.

Chris Fesko, an award winning educator, farmer, videographer and producer, is the creator of the On The Farm video series. These videos are delighting children and adults of all ages both in the United States and internationally.

If you need someone to speak to your conference, elevating the level of commitment or heightening enthusiasm towards a cause, Chris can help! She has succeeded in a business where there is a very high failure rate within a few years of start-up. She has been in this business for more than 15 years and is still growing.

As featured in Women's Day magazine, Chris Fesko will help you find creative, educational and fun ways to help your children and students learn. Chris will show you how to creatively reach past the television and action games, and use every-day, real world items to teach children to think and learn more effectively.

Workshop Leader

Chris very often works double duty, keynote speaking to open or close a conference and presenting workshops on a second day.

Through multimedia and use of common materials, Chris will demonstrate:

  • How to "tickle" a child's curiosity,
  • Methods to relate a child's education to critical life-skills,
  • How to teach skills like problem-solving and decision-making to children, and
  • Ways to make learning fun!

For information on available dates or for references, contact Chris at:
Voice: 315-636-8044 
Or write: 1181 Woodworth Road, Skaneateles, NY 13152


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